Why wait to find out if your pool is safe….have the peace of mind knowing your pool is compliant to ensure everyone’s safety especially children and pets.

This pre-inspection checklist is to assist pool owners in obtaining a Safety Certificate on the first inspection. Before your pool inspection, we recommend you print and complete the checklist and rectify any potential problems. We want to work with you to make your compliance as problem free as possible.

This list is not exhaustive and is provided as a guide only. The Queensland Building Acts, Building Regulations, Queensland Development Code (QDC) MP 3.4 Swimming pool barrier and AS 1926 contain the definitive list of requirements for pool fencing and pool safety and can be found at

POOL BARRIER (See QDC MP3.4 Figure 1 below)

MP 3.4 Swimming Pool Barriers

  • Barrier is at least 1200mm high from FGL
  • All fence panels are in place and in good repair
  • Maximum allowable gap under fence is 100mm
  • Gaps in vertical bars and/or palings do not exceed 100mm in width
  • That the top of pool fence is at least 900mm above the lowest horizontal fence rail
  • All horizontal fence rails are at least 900mm apart
  • Vertical members no more than 100mm apart, and there are not any nearby horizontal surfaces which could be used as holds for climbing within 300mm on the inside NCZ of the fence


  • Does the gate swing away from the pool
  • All pool gates must be self-closing and self-latched from ALL positions
  • Is the latch on the outside of the gate minimum 1400mm high from the top of the lowest horizontal member from FGL
  • Is the latch on the outside of the gate minimum 1500mm high from FGL or shielded
  • Maximum allowable gap under gate is 100mm
  • Do the gate hinges exceed 10mm in diameter and less than 900mm apart? If they do it will need a 60 degree hinge safety cap on the bottom of the hinge to prevent climbing
  • Gap between gate and fence does not exceed 10mm if latch is shield
  • There are no items in the vicinity to prop the gate open


  • Any tree branches that a child could use to climb are trimmed back or tree removed (no chance of  foothold)
  • Fence less than 1800mm high – arc of 900mm clear from the top of the fence
  • No bolts, hinges, power points etc that are longer or wider than 10mm that a child could use as a toe hold for climbing
  • All climbable objects have been removed at least 900mm away from fence (or shielded), such as pot plants, BBQ, outdoor furniture, ladder, trees, taps, door sills, steps etc.
  • No furniture inside the area within 300mm clear area


  • There is a compliant barrier separating the house and the pool. Child resistant doorsets are no longer compliant for outdoor pools
  • No doors from the house can open directly onto the pool area.
  • Windows lower than 1200mm from the ground on the inside opening into the pool enclosure area are appropriately shielded or do not open more than 100mm or must be security screened/ barrier fitted
  • No windows from the house can open directly onto the pool area.


  • Aqua Pool Safety Inspector can supply you one for a charge. Please call to check availability and to ensure it is available at time of inspection.
  • Current CPR sign must be displayed
  • 300x300mm minimum sign
  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Visible from within pool area
  • Mentions 2 breaths and 30 compressions
  • DRABCD / not check for pulse
  • Mentions dial 000, call an ambulance
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